oh hey.

It's easier to say that you don't care Than to admit that you're hurt.


it's funny.

it's funny she thinks
how everyone says forever
but how forever never lasts
it's funny how they’re gone

it's funny how little trust she has
in the world around her
she’s been hurt too much
everything’s gone too far

it's funny how many lies
they said that she believed
it's funny how stupid
she felt after believing

it's funny how many times
she told herself she was fine
it's funny how many people
didn’t even notice she was lying

it's funny how time after time
she gave out second chances
because she dreamed
it would be different next time

it's funny how the people
that said that they’d changed
we’re only two-faced bitches
too self-absorbed to care

it's funny how every single time
it was all blamed on her
it's funny how she carried the pain
how no one saw her struggle

it's funny how she thought
that secrets could be kept
but even at her lowest points
no one could keep their mouth closed

it's funny how time changes
but people remain the same
everything keeps moving
but she’s standing perfectly still

it's funny how she’s alone
how there’s no one left to turn to
it's funny how she smiles through it
and people think she’s fine

it's funny how she says she doesn’t care
and then cries alone in her room
it's funny how she crouches on the floor
holding herself together

it's funny how she’s lost faith
in everything and everyone
it's funny how she’s done
how she doesn’t care anymore

it's funny how she wants to run
to escape what’s in her mind
to get away from this place
and isolate herself

it's funny how she’s leaving
how the last tear has dropped
it's funny because its over
and it's funny because she’s done.

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