oh hey.

It's easier to say that you don't care Than to admit that you're hurt.



Just stop the pretend
I want it all to end
stop asking the same
this pain isn’t a game

Keep hiding behind a smile
I've been doing it for awhile
no one knows it’s a lie
its almost time to say goodbye

I cant take it any longer
I’m not getting any stronger
I wish I could let it go
if only feelings I could show

You ask if im okay
and believe whatever I say
please don’t listen to me
this isn’t how I wanna be

Please see through to my tears
notice all my sorrow and fears
finally realize that im not fine
realize that all along I've been lyin’.


in my skin.

I look in the mirror
and I hate what I see
I understand exactly
why no one wants me

You say that I’m pretty
But why do you lie
Say it one more time
I think I might die

I see the attention
you get while we’re out
no one notices me
you’re what it’s all about

Comfortable in my skin
ha it’s just a disguise
There’s nothing to say
that can prove to you guys

You just don’t know
what it’s like to be
the ugliest in the group
I wish you could see

I laugh all the time
just smiling away
But I cry myself to sleep
at the end of the day

I’m falling apart
and nobody knows
But I’ll be okay
it’s the way it always goes.